Adult Baby Forehead Ear Infrared thermometer FDA Digital Thermometer

Adult Baby Forehead Ear Infrared thermometer FDA Digital Thermometer

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Product Description

digital thermometer non-contact infrared forehead
Measurement range:


32.0℃-42.9℃  (89.6°F-109.22°F)

Object:0℃ to 99.9℃  (32°F to 211.8°F)

Display resolution:  0.1℃/0.1°F

 For body mode:

±0.2℃ (±0.4°F) from 36℃ (96.8°F)to 38.9℃  (102.2°F)

±0.3℃(±0.5°F) from 32℃ (89.6°F)to 35.9℃  (96.6°F)

and from ±39.1℃(±102..4°F) to 42.9℃  (109.22°F)

For object mode:

±4℃ (±7.2°F) from 0℃ (96.8°F)to 4.9℃  (40.8°F)

±1℃(±2°F) from 5℃ (41°F)to 60℃  (140.0°F)

±4℃ (±7.2°F) from ±60.1℃(±140.1°F) to 100℃  (212°F)

Indicator light:

Green light for tempreature lower than 37.5℃(99.5°F)

Orange light for tempreature equal or between 37.9℃(100.2°F)

Red light for tempreature higher than 37.9℃ (100.2°F)


Power on the ready for working:a short beep.

Measurement finished:

1 long beep equal or lower than 37.9℃(100.2°F)

6 short beeps higher than 37.9℃ (100.2°F)

Silent mode:

1.Be sure the infared thermometer is off

2.Hold the measurement button for about 7 seconds after "ON/OFF" shows on the LCD panel.(Note :keep holding the button when "℃/°F" is display  on the LCD panel).

3.Press the measurement button again to turn "ON/OFF" the beep.

Memory:  25 groups
Operating conditions:

10℃-40℃  (50°F-104°F)

Humidity:15 to 95% R.H.

Air presure:  86Kpa-106Kpa
Storage enviroment:

Tempreture:-25℃ to 55℃  (-13°F to 131°F)

Storage Humidity:15 to 95% RH

Auto shut-off About 30 seconds after no using
Battery 2pcs 1.5v AAA Battery
Size 170*47*53mm
Weight 75g


Product Feature:

1. Get result in 1 second 

2. ℃/°F are easily convertible

3. Color visual indication of high fever (red) ,mild fever (yellow) and normal (green)

4. 25 groups of memory

5.Automatically power off if left idle for 30 secs.




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Lead Time︰ 3-5Days

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